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Who we are

Since 1981, we have been the Society for Canadian Women In Science and Technology, or SCWIST, as we like to be known by all. We are a not-for-profit association with a clear aim:


To encourage women into science, engineering and technology…


We support and promote the education of girls and women through programs and activities that we develop in partnership with the community.


…and to keep them there…


We boost the numbers, retention and status of women in the workplace by facilitating networking, mentoring and advocating woman-friendly policies.


…whilst raising awareness


We highlight opportunities, achievements and positive messages for and about women in the field. We do this by raising public awareness and guiding policy implementation.


Why we’re here

Anyone can see why SCWIST’s influence was needed in the 1980’s… but we’ve come a long way as an equal rights society since then. So why is SCWIST still working hard for women today?

  • Outdated assumptions persist about women as leaders in science, engineering and technology. Men continue to dominate senior leadership positions within these areas, despite the equal ability of their female colleagues

  • There are growing numbers of highly-trained women who have immigrated to Canada who do not work in their chosen fields. Our IWIS program provides support to these women

  • SCWIST grows with the new realities: we support and promote women in their education and career choices

  • As part of our ms infinity program we delight in encouraging girls to imagine science, engineering and technology as part of their future


You’ve probably already seen SCWIST’s aims, but how can we help you? Well, that depends on who you are and what you‘d like to do.

I want to:

Learn more about science for girls

Studying science can teach you about our world and ways to make life in it better. Science qualifications can also open doors to careers and opportunities that would be firmly shut without them.

Perhaps you’re a high-school student who loves science, or are wondering whether to even continue studying it. Explore math and science with ms infinity when you:

  • Meet inspiring women in science… they work in areas ranging from molecules to murder cases

  • Host your own science themed workshop with a kit from us!
  • Get great advice from an online mentor through eMentoring

  • Want to produce a creative science themed project, check out our Youth Leadership Program ($500 honorarium)
  • Find career advice at Quantum Leaps conferences (grades 10 and 12)

  • Apply for a Youth Skills Development scholarship ($500) to help you reach your goals

If you’re a teacher, or group leader looking to help young girls explore science, ms infinity would love to hear from you at msinfinty@scwist.ca

Study at undergraduate level and up

Whether you’re curious about taking science classes in your undergraduate degree, or in continued professional development, we can help you get informed and be inspired.

Studying science can be not only fascinating but highly employable too.

If you’ve moved beyond curiosity and would like to progress in your chosen field, it is vital to get the qualifications that you need. But, with so many options, prerequisites and financial barriers, finding the path to a course that’s right for you can be confusing.

Whatever your academic ambitions, we can help you:

  • get advice from mentors and experts in industry about courses and careers that are right for you (Wonder Women Networking Evening at Science World)

  • go to events that will help develop your skills and insight

If you’re new to Canada, IWIS, our program supporting immigrating women in science can provide further help.

Enhance my career

When it comes to competing in a demanding job market, getting the inside scoop can make all the difference.

You can maximise your chances of securing that dream job and exploring opportunities when you:

  • meet, network and make friends with fellow members

  • get advice from mentors and experts in industry

  • go to events that will inform and inspire you

  • browse our job listings

If you’re new to Canada, you’ll find additional support with IWIS, our program supporting immigrating women in science.

If you have a job opportunity that you think would be suitable or would like expert input, we’d be very happy to hear from you! Contact resourcecentre@scwist.ca

Support SCWIST

Whether you represent a large corporation, or you are a woman working in the field, or are simply someone who shares our passion, you can help us.

You might decide to become a member or corporate member and:

  • volunteer in our committees and at our events

  • offer sponsorship and resources

  • mentor young scientists

  • align your business with SCWIST