Become a Member

Why Become a SCWIST Member?

As a member of SCWIST, you will join a community of diverse and dynamic women who love science and technology. Our website, regular newsletters and email correspondence will keep you informed of opportunities to volunteer, network and engage in professional development. You will have opportunities: to volunteer, to lead and to learn. Your membership will also help support SCWIST’s mission in delivering events and workshops to the SCWIST’s community.

SCWIST offers 3 types of membership:


A membership for students, unemployed & retired

Price: $15

Valid until April 30, 2019



A professional membership for those in the workforce

Price: $50

Valid until April 30, 2019



Includes a $70 tax deductible donation when purchased between May 01st – July 30th

Price: $120

Valid until April 30, 2019


SCWIST’s membership benefits include:

  • Free SCWIST events (personal, financial & professional development workshops, networking events & so much more)
  • Save $5 – $50 on all other SCWIST events with member’s discount
  • Discounts to partner events
  • Networking & Mentorship opportunities
  • Access to a large network of professional women in STEM
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Participate in SCWIST’s governance and gain experience in management

Membership Fees:

The SCWIST membership year runs from May 1 until April 30 (which lines up with our fiscal year) and your current membership is valid until April 30.  All memberships expire April 30, regardless of when you signed up for your membership. If you sign up after May 1, the following discounts apply:

Membership Type May 1 – Oct 31 Nov 1 – Apr 30
Discounted $25 $15
Professional (Includes Post-Doctoral Fellows) $80 $50
Sustaining $150 $120

Discounted membership (Student/Retired/Unemployed): $25/year

Professional membership (Working Professionals in STEM/Post-Doctoral Fellow/Research Assistant): $80/year

Sustaining membership*: $150/year

*A sustaining membership includes a one-year professional membership and a $70 tax deductible donation when purchased between May 1 – October 31.

Please note that all membership fees are non-refundable.

Honourary Members

SCWIST recognises long-standing members who provide exceptional contributions to the organisation and its mission with a life-long honourary membership. Names are required to be put forward at an Annual General Meeting and accepted by a three-quarter vote of the membership in attendance. We thank the following honourary members for all that they have done (and continue to do!) for SCWIST:

Kathleen Akins, Margaret Benston*, Hilda Ching, Anne Condon, Betty Dwyer, Frances Fournier, Diana Herbst, Maria Klawe, Penny LeCouteur, Julia Levy, Hiromi Matsui, Barbara Moon, Judith Myers, Evelyn Palmer, Shauna Paull, Martha Piper, Joe Quan*, Linda Reid, Abby Schwarz, Mary Vickers, Maria Issa, Gordana Pejic, Anja Lanz, Joanne Melville, Sandra Eix.