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Youth Engagement. ms infinity (math and science = infinite possibilities) programs introduce girls to exciting career options and positive female role models in science and technology. Together, we bust the myths about scientists and their careers… you don’t need to wear a lab coat to be a scientist!

We’re here to help students:

Get hands-on with science – we hold conferences and workshops filled with fun activities, stories, and games. These are all designed to bring science to life.

Feel inspired towards a career – the most exciting careers are often ones students have never even heard of. We introduce jobs from all areas of science during our Quantum Leaps conferences and in our school or group visits (Hands-on science workshops).

Find support – girls get the support they need when deciding how to take their interest in science further with our eMentor program.

Secure volunteering opportunities – we provide volunteering opportunities for women in science-related careers or pursuing degrees in science.

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Current Highlights

  • Applications are currently open for our SCWIST Youth Leadership Program deadline is June 29, 2018
  • Apply to host your own science career conference, “Quantum Leaps”, get $500 of seed money and support!
  • Ask us for a science kit to hold your own science workshop!
  • eMentoring program the next time to join in is Fall 2018.
  • We held a great new event called, What is Data Science? A one-day introduction to data science principles geared for youth (grade 10-undergrad). Sept 23rd at Science World. Find out more here.

Meeting teachers and educators at the PSA Superconference. We want to support you!

Over Oct 21/22 we were at the Superconference in downtown Vancouver to meet thousands of teachers and educators. If you are an educator and want to find out more about our programs please see our educators page.  If you didn’t get a chance to sign up for our newsletter specifically geared to those involved in teaching you can do so here. Note: You can get a copy of our awesome scientist posters painted by Ellen Tamblyn for free by simply registering for our newsletter.


New initiative! We want to reach you wherever you are!

With the help of some fantastic funding agencies, we are hoping to reach more girls in rural communities. Currently, our work is focusing on the rural and Northern areas of British Columbia. We want to learn more about how we can help inspire and support girls in these communities in the areas of science and technology. If you would like to work with us, please contact Lynn Westcott, our Northern BC program coordinator.

We would like to thank the following funding agencies for helping us with this.

Aboriginal Youth, Science Outreach Facilitator will be traveling BC this summer and wants to hear about your experiences in science.

At SCWIST, we strongly believe in the power and vital importance of diversity in all fields of science and technology. The ms infinity program is looking for a new staff member to engage in conversations with those involved with aboriginal youth science outreach including youth, parents, informal and formal educators. By the end of the term, we hope to better understand what role the ms infinity program can have in supporting Aboriginal youth in science and technology and how we can create more inclusiveness in our existing programs. 


Interested in volunteering?

Are you a woman working or studying in the fields of science, technology, engineering or math? Would you like to volunteer to excite today’s youth about these amazing fields? Sign up to volunteer for ms infinity here.

Please note that we encourage all our volunteers to also be SCWIST members to help keep these programs going. Sign up now!

Want to find out what is happening for our ms infinity program?

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Our ms infinity newsletters are full of fun opportunities for our volunteers are great events for youth.

These programs would not be possible without the support of our members as well as our funders.