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ms infinity conferences (grades 9 – 10) and Quantum Leaps conferences (grades 11 – 12)

Our conferences can really show girls how exciting science can be and where studying science can take them. How would you like to help run a conference along with women working in the field? You’ll create hands-on workshops, motivating keynote speeches and career games. At the Quantum Leaps conferences girls get involved in similar activities as at the ms infinity conferences, but with a stronger focus on careers and further education. We work closely with community organisations, schools, colleges and universities to deliver the conferences. Together we develop the agenda and find local role models and presenters.

If you’re interested in hosting a ms infinity conference, email our coordinator. She can give you information on how to:

  • recruit role models and develop workshops
  • fundraise
  • find facilities to host the conference
  • develop a budget
  • generate publicity


ms infinity provides $500 in funding for up to three new conferences a year. Applications for funding are due in the Fall.

“Seeing women being successful in their field is more inspiring than just being told about the jobs out there.”
Yukon Quantum Leaps Participant, 2009

“It encouraged me to go into more math and science courses.”
Castlegar Participant Quantum Leaps, 2011

“It made me think about looking into careers that are more specialised and that are not as known…a lot of things I heard today not many people think about…”
Nanaimo Participant Quantum Leaps Participant, 2008


Hands-on workshops – grades 1 – 12

We hold fun, hands-on workshops for girls and boys of all ages. These workshops are presented by women experts from a variety of areas: they bring science to life. Group leaders: our workshops are available to community organisations, neighbourhood houses and other non-profits working with children and youth in the Lower Mainland of BC. Between $1-$5 per participant to recover the costs of supplies may apply. Scientists: if you’d like to volunteer as a presenter, please get in touch! We’ll add you to our list of role models who run hands-on workshops for community groups.

Don’t have a workshop yet? No problem! We’re experts at working with you to develop activities that are fun, relevant, age-appropriate and related to your expertise. Workshops are 45 to 60 minutes long and include at least one hands-on component.

To book a workshop for your group or to become a presenter, email us.



As a professional woman in the sciences, you’ll have the opportunity to act as a role model and mentor to a young girl who is matched to your expertise. You’ll talk over email or Skype over eight weeks, making sure that you’re available for an hour each week. As your relationship develops, your student will discover the rewards of careers in math, science and technology. By providing a forum for their questions and concerns, you’ll help broaden their horizons.

This program runs twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring.

If you’d like to sign up, or would like further information, email us.


Youth volunteer positions – grades 10 – 12

ms infinity blog correspondent

Fascinated by science? Love to blog? We want to hear from you! Become a ms infinity blog correspondent and you’ll get to interview successful women working in science, math or technology. After you’ve gotten to know these fascinating people, you’ll write an article showcasing them and their work.

You can also research and write about other women scientists from all over the world to share their stories too. Your finished articles will be published on the official ms infinity and SCWIST blog. Interested? Email our coordinator.