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ms infinity conferences (grades 9 and 10) and Quantum Leaps conferences (grades 11 and 12)

ms infinity conferences can really show you how exciting science can be and where studying it can take you. Expect fun, hands-on workshops, motivating keynote speeches and career games. The conferences are usually one day long and led by women working in science and technology. Quantum Leaps conferences are for girls in grades 11 and 12. Here you get involved in similar activities as at the ms infinity conferences, but with a stronger focus on careers and further education. They’re designed to make you feel more clued-in about your career and further education possibilities. If you’d like to come to a conference, email us.

“Seeing women being successful in their field is more inspiring than just being told about the jobs out there.”
Yukon Quantum Leaps Participant, 2009

“It encouraged me to go into more math and science courses.”
Castlegar Participant Quantum Leaps, 2011

“It made me think about looking into careers that are more specialised and that are not as known…a lot of things I heard today not many people think about…”
Nanaimo Participant Quantum Leaps Participant, 2008


Hands-on workshops – grades 1 – 12

Forget equations written on a whiteboard…would you like to see how real hands-on science is done? Get involved with anything from creating controlled explosions, building bridges or solving murder mysteries. The type of activity you do depends on your what your presenters are experts in – they could be anyone from a neuroscientist to a mechanical engineer! Ask your teacher or group leader to get in touch with our Coordinator by email, and we’ll work on creating a workshop that’s right for you.


eMentoring – grades 11 – 12

Need some science study or career advice that’s tailored to you? We can help! Sign up to our eMentoring program and we’ll put you in touch with a professional woman who is closely matched to your own interests or understands your situation. You’ll talk over email or Skype over eight weeks, and your mentor will be available for up to an hour per week. You’ll discover the rewards of careers in math, science and technology and get helpful advice from a professional.

This program runs twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring.

If you’d like to sign up, or would like further information, email our Coordinator.


Youth volunteer positions – grades 10 – 12

ms infinity blog correspondent

Fascinated by science? Love to blog? Want to develop your journalistic skills? We want to hear from you! Become a ms infinity blog correspondent and you’ll get to interview successful women working in science, math or technology. After you’ve got to know these fascinating people, you’ll write an article showcasing them and their work.

You’ll also research and write about other women scientists from all over the world to share their stories too. Your finished articles will be published on the official ms infinity and SCWIST blog.

Interested? Email our Coordinator to apply.



ms infinity committee volunteer: We’re always looking for new insights and contributions through our ms infinity committee. As a member of our committee you’ll be involved in:

  • organising local conferences – gain event planning skills
  • recruiting role models, communities and mentors – develop skills meeting the public
  • marketing our programs – learn about marketing and advertising strategies
  • hosting networking and social events for volunteers – hone those social skills
  • fundraising – learn about how to handle money (that is not yours!)
  • attending committee meetings – find out how meetings are run, learn parliamentary procedure and accountability


If you’d like to join our dynamic and friendly team, fill out the application form here. Please note our volunteer opportunities are reserved for SCWIST members.