Why Donate to SCWIST?

Your support of SCWIST will promote and empower women working in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as well as encourage and provide assistance to young women and girls pursuing their dreams of a career in STEM allowing them to grow, develop, and succeed in their fields.

See below for several ways to donate, both for annual operations and into our Spirit of SCWIST endowment fund.

Thank you

Thanks to your support of SCWIST we have made great strides in the education and promotion of women in science, engineering, math and technology throughout Canada since 1981. Canadian women and girls benefit from your continued financial support and the encouragement it provides.

SCWIST is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency (Reg. No. 119154607RR0001). SCWIST relies on donations to help support the SCWIST Resource Centre, our signature programs as well as SCWIST scholarships and awards.

Your donation will support:

  • SCWIST workshops, speakers, social events and networking opportunities for early-stage or mid-career women to make valuable academic and industry contacts and to develop a sense of community with other women in STEM fields
  • Expanded programming such as job boards and scholarships. SCWIST grows with the new realities; we support and promote girls and women in their wide range of education and career choices throughout their lives.
  • SCWIST focuses on the systemic barriers and structural changes needed to have more girls entering STEM education and more women thriving in STEM throughout their careers. We advocate to multiple levels of government and provide resources and support to employers.
  • The MS infinity program that inspires young women in BC and the Yukon by introducing them to exciting career options and education in STEM. Having a role model is still one of the top ways to inspire a girl to see herself in a future STEM role and strive for it.
  • The Immigrating Women in Science program (IWIS) that offers mentoring and resources to women who have immigrated to Canada after having trained and established careers in science, engineering and technology in other countries. Our IWIS program provides support to these women who may have additional barriers to achieving their full potential in the Canadian economy and society.
  • The Make Possible program is a low-barrier mentoring and skills exchange for adults that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. This reduces barriers such as living in remote communities and balancing career and family obligations.

Ways to Donate:

SCWIST gratefully accepts donations through multiple ways explained below. Tax-deductible receipts will be issued.

Spirit of SCWIST Endowment

The Spirit of SCWIST Endowment Fund was established in 2017 to support the long-term financial stability of the non-profit SCWIST and our mission of promoting, encouraging and empowering women and girls in science, technology, engineering and math. This fund is an endowment fund that provides steady income and enables us to advance our mission over the long-term. 

In years where donations are down or grant funding is reduced, income from our endowment fund will still arrive. And because Vancouver Foundation administers our fund, we know it will be invested wisely, is social responsible and expertly managed.

Donate and help us ensure our critical work will continue long into the future. If you would like to make the Spirit of SCWIST fund part of your legacy, please see ways to do so below or contact us

  • Mail a cheque made payable to Vancouver Foundation with “Spirit of SCWIST” in the memo line. Mail to: Vancouver Foundation, 200 – 475 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 4M9
  • Via donation of securities (Canadian and American are accepted) – please contact Vancouver Foundation Donor Services for the forms for your financial broker to complete
  • Via credit card, using the Donate button on our Vancouver Foundation donor page.
  • As a legacy gift in your will. Include the following “To give [$____ / ____% / the residue] of my Estate to Vancouver Foundation, charitable registration #11928 1640 RR0001, to be added to the Spirit of SCWIST fund.” Please email us to let us know.
  • As a gift of beneficiary designation for RRSP, RRIF and/or TFSA. Include the following in the beneficiary designation form: “Vancouver Foundation, to be added to the Spirit of SCWIST fund”. Please email us to let us know.


Mylo’s Round Up to Give allows users to support any of 86,000 registered Canadian charities by creating a donation goal in the Mylo app. Once you’ve signed up, with a linked credit or debit card, Mylo will round up your transactions to the nearest dollar and donate the spare change to your charity of choice. All donations are processed by CanadaHelps, the country’s largest platform for donating and fundraising for charity online. SCWIST has long been a partner with CanadaHelps and Mylo’s Round Up to Give is just one more way you can meet your donation goals, often without missing that spare change at all.

“Mylo was founded on a social mission of helping Canadians achieve their financial goals. For many Canadians, giving back to a cause they care about is important,” said Philip Barrar, CEO and Founder of Mylo. “Fewer Canadians are making annual charitable donations, and millennials feel their paycheque is a barrier to giving. We want to help them make change with spare change. With Round Up to Give, more Canadians will be able to afford to make donations on a recurring basis in an easy and automated way.”

If you’re interested in trying this program, pleas use SCWIST’s Referral Link:
For every person who follows this link and successfully signs up to Mylo/Round Up to Give, SCWIST will receive a $5 donation from Mylo!
All these little donations add up, really, and they help SCWIST programs succeed year after year.

Thrifty Smile Card: An easy way to help providing scholarships to women: 

In a simple way, you can help providing 2 scholarships to support a woman pursuing education and enter into a STEM field, and to assist a woman returning from maternity leave to update her skills for re-entry into her chosen STEM field.

The system is simple: Thrifty Foods will donate an amount equal to 5% of the dollars you load on to your pre-assigned Smile Card to SCWIST. Extra support for SCWIST is as easy as that!

All funds generated in 2017/2018 through the Thrifty Foods Smiles Card Fundraising Program will be used to support the two scholarships above, and SCWIST member events.

In order to get your Smile Card, please contact SCWIST Administrator, Andrea Jonker at [email protected]

Aeroplan Miles: Support empowering women in STEM 

Through donation of professionals like yourself, the Aeroplan Member Donation Program has been able to support Canadian-based initiatives that are working to improve lives and assist communities locally, across Canada, and around the world.

This email serves as a kind reminder to interested professionals who are willing to donate their Aeroplan Miles Points to SCWIST as a means to support our programs, guide policy implementation, and expand our presence across Canada.

How it works
Think of it as an online platform where Aeroplan members can connect with SCWIST and help make a difference for women and girls in STEM by donating miles.
Individual Aeroplan members can make donations on a one-time basis, repeatedly on a manual basis, or by selecting to donated automatically on an ongoing basis.  To automatically donate 2% of your points automatically every time you earn Aeroplan points, please update your profile on

To donate:



  • Visit
  • Login to your individual Aeroplan account.
  • Select ‘Use Your Miles’.
  • Select ‘Donate’
  • Enter ‘The Society of Canadian Women in Science and Technology’ into the search bar.
  • Select SCWIST (or click donate on the SCWIST panel).
  • The SCWIST donation page will open.
  • Select ‘Donate Now’ to the right.
  • Complete the transaction information.

Our goal is to raise 1,000,000 Aeroplan points through donations in 2 years.

Drawing from these donated Aeroplan Points, SCWIST can then redeem points within the Aeroplan Program for such things as travel, car rental, hotel stays and merchandise.  Donated Aeroplan Points can also be used for fundraising; points can be used as prizes themselves, or can be used to redeem for items that can used as prizes, such as laptops and gift certificates.

Aeroplan Adds 10%

Each charitable donation made through the Aeroplan member donation program will be topped up by a 10% contribution from Aeroplan. This applies for all donations, all the time.

In-Kind Donations

  • Please email us to find out how you can support SCWIST with an in-kind donation such as technology, equipment, venues, or services.

Annual Operations

  • Via credit card through CanadaHelps
  • Via donation of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) 
  • Mail a cheque made payable to SCWIST with “Donation to SCWIST” in the memo line. Please mail to 311-525 Seymour St., Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B3H7.

Thank you!!