Our volunteers are integral to helping us advance and achieve our organisation’s mission: this can be done only with the talents, passion and commitment from our volunteers. In return, we would love to provide you with opportunities to develop personal and professional skills that will stay with you forever.

One philosophy is at the heart of our volunteering – we match each volunteer with the role that’s best for her (or him). So, have a think… what skills can you bring to SCWIST and what experience would you like to gain?

Volunteering is one of the benefits and privileges provided to our valued SCWIST members in addition to the other resources that SCWIST membership provide to them. So become a SCWIST member now.

Who can become a volunteer with SCWIST?

  1. You are a SCWIST member in good standing.
  2. You are 19+.
  3. Your resume meets the minimum requirements by SCWIST for the committee of your interest.
  4. You pass an interview with the Director of the desired committee.

Steps to join SCWIST as a volunteer

  1. Complete and submit the online application form below. Please indicate any specific interests that you may have (not all possibilities are listed so feel free to describe in detail if your interest is not yet included!):
  2. Our Administrative Assistant will add you to our volunteer pool and connect you to the Director of Leadership, who manages our volunteer portfolio. You will be emailed information about available roles and asked to provide a copy of your resume, a cover letter, a link to your LinkedIn profile or a combination of these. 
  3. Upon meeting the skill and experience requirements, your application will be passed the Director of the committee and you may be asked for an interview. When successful, your SCWIST membership status will be confirmed. You will be asked to sign our volunteer pledge and you will officially join us as a volunteer.

Why volunteer with SCWIST?

Our volunteers find that investing even a small amount of time and energy can bring rewards that they had never expected. There are endless numbers of reasons to volunteer, but we have narrowed it down to our top 5 reasons to volunteer with SCWIST:

1. Cultivate new skills and enhance your career.

Actively plan and develop the skills you need. Our volunteer matching process is volunteer-focused. Whenever possible, we will even create roles that will allow our volunteers to develop the specific skills they need. Outstanding volunteers also will be entitled to personal references as well as eligibility for our awards to enhance resumes or CVs. Working in a dynamic volunteer environment in SCWIST demonstrates your ability to work in a team which is an attractive attribute sought by many employers. A long-term role on one of our committees demonstrates dedication and commitment as well as crucial transferable experiences.

2. Feel Good!

Our volunteers tell us that their work gives them a sense of fulfilment. Some have also expressed that through working with SCWIST they have found or gained self-confidence. Others gained a sense of personal satisfaction from mentoring and making a difference one-on-one. We are dedicated to working together with you to create a meaningful volunteer experience.

3. Find networking and job opportunities.

SCWIST offers a non-threatening environment that will allow you to familiarise yourself with the local community and job market. You might also get some insider employment information and industry trends by participating in our programs and events and meeting other SCWIST members. You will have the opportunity to work with a diverse pool of volunteers and members at SCWIST and be exposed to a variety of professionals in the field.

We also offer a number of career exploration, career transition and professional development workshops to help you learn about traditional and not-so traditional careers in science and technology.

4. Volunteering gives you visibility.

We have volunteer roles that involve outreach or presentations to the community where you can gain exposure to and recognition from a variety of people, including many strong, influential community leaders in the field.

5. Establishing friendships.

Volunteering is a great way to meet those who share similar interests and enthusiasm and thus you will develop long-lasting bonds.

Types of Volunteers


Do you have a flair for communications? Do you enjoy raising money? Why not volunteer directly for the SCWIST society. Are you a great manager, or good at governance?  We are always looking for highly motivated individuals to volunteer in the following areas:

  • Fundraising and grants writing
  • Communications (Newsletter, Blogging, Web Development, Graphic Design, Social Media)
  • Strategy revision and strategic development for non-profit
  • Membership retention and member value improvement


Do you enjoy planning events? We welcome great ideas, great energy: opportunities here are as diverse as you, our members, wish!

Immigrating Women in Science

If you are an immigrant woman new to Canada, volunteering for IWIS can give you opportunities to gain Canadian experience and references that many employers look for on your resume. If you are an immigrant woman who has already established herself in Canada, volunteering for IWIS is a great way to give back to others newly facing the challenges that you have already overcome. More info about IWIS here.

Youth Engagement and ms infinity

If you are passionate about encouraging children and youth to explore the exciting and diverse world of science and technology, ms infinity wants to hear from you!

We offer a range of volunteer opportunities to get involved from one-on-one mentoring, to leading hands-on workshops for kids of all ages. Join us in supporting the

next generation of scientists! More info about ms infinity here, or sign up here to volunteer with ms infinity.