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SCWIST receives funding to advance Gender Equality in STEM 
across Canada

Vancouver, March 28, 2019:  The Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST) is proud to announce the receipt of funding from WAGE (Women and Gender Equality) – the new federal department previously known as Status of Women Canada (SWC).  The SCWIST project is part of the Federal Government’s $100 million investment in 250 projects that advance gender equality across Canada by building organizations’ capacity supports.

Founded in 1981, SCWIST has a proud history of empowering women and girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and provides education, programs, networking activities and mentorship. Our new SCALE project – SCWIST Connects, Advocates and Leverages Expertise – expands STEM diversity for economic empowerment across Canada. The goal is to increase SCWIST’s national impact by improving organizational effectiveness, financial sustainability, partnership reach and advocacy to advance gender equality across Canada. STEM is the powerhouse of the economy’s future: through the SCALE project, SCWIST will create paths for highly trained STEM women to contribute their knowledge and skills to that future.

“SCWIST welcomes this funding support so that we can advance our mission of removing barriers for women and girls interested in and pursuing education and careers in STEM.”  Kelly Marciniw, SCWIST President, explains: “We wish to strengthen SCWIST to create frameworks and strategic partnerships that will expand the capacity and reach of SCWIST, and leverage STEM women’s contributions to Canada’s economy.”

“SCWIST has always been like a family, supporting me during my career and inspiring me to volunteer and give back – so that I can help remove barriers for other women.  MS Infinity for high school girls and IWIS (Immigrating Women in STEM) are part of our core programs and our dedicated volunteers are what make this organization successful.” says Hilda Ching, one of  SCWIST’s founders, and a long-time supporter.  She adds enthusiastically, “This SCALE project will create more opportunities to get involved in SCWIST to advance gender equality!”

SCALE will build on the accomplishments of other SCWIST programs which include MakePossible and Make DIVERSITY Possible, which were also funded by SWC. MakePossible provides 360-degree mentoring and connects over 1000 women and men from diverse STEM sectors across Canada to develop skills, share expertise and learn from a variety of perspectives using a low-barrier, online platform. Through the Make DIVERSITY Possible program, SCWIST works with STEM organizations to access a diverse talent pool and to create inclusive workplace cultures where everyone can thrive and prosper.

WAGE News Release: https://bit.ly/2K1cLuH   WAGE Backgrounder:  https://bit.ly/2JKEgs4

In photo (left to right): SCWIST past president Dr. Maria Gyongyossy-Issa, current president Kelly Marciniw, founders Dr. Diana S. Herbst and Dr. Hilda Ching, Hon. Maryam Monsef, Make Possible Project Manager Cheryl Kristiansen, Board Member and Communications Director Dr. Khristine Cariño, and Katriel Carino-Pablo.

Making DIVERSITY Possible – One Organization At A Time

Saskatoon, April 1, 2019- In September 2017, the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST) initiated the three-year project, Make DIVERSITY Possible, to develop tools for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) organizations to access a diverse talent pool and to create inclusive workplace cultures where everyone can thrive and prosper. The project, funded by Status of Women Canada, appointed three SCWIST women leaders to participate in the Gender Equality Network Canada (GENC), a national framework to advance equality for all women. Through the network, GENC leaders share local project expertise, collaborate and leverage resources.

Christin Wiedemann, Past President of SCWIST states, “We need diversity; diversity drives innovation and diversity is key to our growth as individuals and as organizations. STEM is no exception.” Christin Wiedemann, Anja Lanz, and Fariba Pacheleh are SCWIST’s women leaders appointed to the national GENC project, and they are participating in the Gender Equality Fair being held in Saskatoon on April 1st, as part of the national meeting. Read more.