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Make Possible is a project funded by Status of Women Canada with the goal to create opportunities for women in technology through mentorship, networking, professional development and leadership.

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The SCWIST Mentorship Project is part of the Government of Canada’s Status of Women Initiative to develop methods to attract and retain women in technology, and advance the Canadian digital economy. The SCWIST Mentorship Project will provide mentoring support, networking connections, professional development and leadership opportunities to help women reach their full potential in the technology sector and all STEM fields. This project is well aligned with SCWIST goals to promote, encourage and empower women and girls in science, engineering and technology.  The project team will leverage successful SCWIST programs, benchmark other mentoring systems, work closely with our target users to fully understand their needs and collaborate with key industry partners to deliver an innovative and effective mentoring model. read more


Gender Diversity Papers & Infographics from Make Possible & WWEST

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WIT Reports – The Canadian Women in Technology (WIT) Initiative Results

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