Staff – Job Descriptions

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Staff – Job Descriptions

Resource Centre Coordinator

Support the board in its day-to-day operations, and reports to the President.

ms infinity Program Coordinator

Reports to VP, programs

Responsible for the overall administration of the MS infinity program with a specific focus on volunteer management and fund development. Edits the quarterly MS infinity Volunteer Newsletter, manages the MS infinity webpage, designs outreach resources, and seeks out creative fundraising opportunities.Responsible for recruiting and supporting mentors as well as supporting and engaging communities interested in hosting MS infinity programs.


Handles cheque runs, balances the books, and works with Treasurer and Resource Centre Coordinator to generate our monthly financial reports (not to be confused with the financial statements, which they also generate, once per year, following our financial year end on April 30th).

Volunteer Resources Coordinator

Role description

In conjunction with the SCWIST Volunteers Committee, the Volunteer Resources Coordinator is responsible for planning and conducting all aspects of volunteer recruitment in SCWIST according to the SCWIST Volunteers Program. Specifically, this person facilitates the matching of incoming volunteers with SCWIST roles.


  • Assist in the matching potential volunteers with the right roles in SCWIST.
    • Refer them to the appropriate SCWIST contact points.
    • Assist in the scheduling of interviews.
    • Deal with email enquiries from potential volunteers.
    • Work with member.
    • Maintain information about SCWIST volunteer opportunities on a database and coordinate with the communications committee for SCWIST web site.
    • Administer recruitment forms (e.g. application, references) that are described by the Volunteer Program, and to issue new volunteers with Volunteers Director.
    • Work with the SCWIST Volunteers Committee in relation to update of the recruitment aspects of the Volunteers Program.
    • Support the Volunteer Director, Volunteer Manager, and Volunteer Recognition Facilitator as required.

Time required

3 – 4 / hours a week